Episode Five

This weeks Podcast has a bit of a historical theme. Past Commodore Kate Mitchel joins George and Deeksie to chat with Margot Watt about past days at SYC and they find out from Andrew Warner about quarantine and how it came about. Peter (Snapper-man) Turrell tells us a few tales about fishing and more, then Kevin (Red pants) Wood outlines the origins of his boats name Ticket of Leave and rounds off with a story of drama & intrigue.

4 Replies to “Episode Five”

  1. Another great Pod . Well done and so informative. Deeks, you have the voice and the presence , George , you are a star and love the stuff that comes so naturally out of your mouth. I have a suggestion……. Katie is the cherry on the top. Get her a regular gig on your Pod.

  2. That was excellent!! l love your podcasts and all the interesting people you interview, well done! Can’t wait to get back to SYC, miss you all so much!

    1. Hi Deeksie & George, vey enjoyable listening, it is such a great club with so many interesting members & wonderful staff. Keep up the good work and we look forward to catching up in the near future.

  3. Fabulous thanks George and John. Lovely way to keep in touch with the club and learn a little more. Can’t wait to get back on the water and see everyone again one day. Have heard every Podcast always looking forward to the next.

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