Episode Six

Commodore Ash joins George and John as this weeks special guest co-host. Together they chat with Aaron Cole about virtual yacht racing, now available to SYC members, talk to Dale Jackson about his boat Contessa and Simon Hemmingway reads us a specially written poem. Roving reporter Ian Howarth then catches up with Bill Stubbs to find out what he’s been up to and to round off the episode, a well known performer at the SYC twilights Jason Vorherr presents his own composition “In the Sun”.

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The twin two stroke diesels driving Dale Jackson’s Contessa

5 Replies to “Episode Six”

  1. Excellent one again, looking forward to reopening of the club.
    Must meet “Dicksie” soon.
    Simon’s poem was remarkably clean, well done that man!

  2. Listened to all the Podcasts — Very entertaining.
    Well done George, Deeks and Ian for a great production.
    Amazing what can be done when times change.
    Looking forward to returning to normal

  3. Cannot believe that you three Stalwarts of the Club, have got us up to and past, Episode Six already. Great work fellas, it was pleasure listening once more, and having our Commodore, Ash, on board was quite enlightening as well. Well done‼️

  4. Hi bouys, another cracker of a podcast. Well done.Sooooo informative.
    Need an interesting hobby? I do Blacksmithing and metal art from my workshop in Cheltenham.
    Here’s a poem too.
    “On a Wednesday lunch, there’s just one place to be….
    the members’ bar with great company.
    Then it’s off to your boat, and you race it like hell,
    If you’re first or you’re last , there’s so much to tell.
    When Carona is gone and we’re back in the club,
    we can thank the committee and Kol’s scrumptious Grub”

  5. Well done folks! Grew up in Apollo Bay and can remember “Putty” building JILLIAN. Incidentally my father fished with his brother “Meggsie” Ferrier in his 22foot Queenscliff Couta boat for many years. Regards

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