Episode Twenty

Yes we’ve clocked up 20 episodes of our Club’s regular catch up of news and opinions and this week the topic of conversation is SYC Medicos. After a hello from Deeksie, George is joined by co-host Ian Miller, skipper of Young Ones, whose profession is a Night Emergency Theatre Nurse. Their first guest on the phone is our Pandemic Traveller Chris Hunting, currently up near Byron Bay and away from his brand new boat.

On the weekly topic, we hear from members Sharon Hade, a Director of Nursing & Operations, Louise Cotter, a Registered Nurse, Psychologist Mr Darren Eger and General Practitioner Dr Virginia Mohr.

Then we catch up with Heart Specialist Assoc. Prof. Rod Warren, who not only talks about his job but his adventures competing on J 111’s around the world, in places such as San Francisco. (main pic)

Snakes on a boat for Chris Hunting
Dr Virginia Mohr’s – Independent Endeavour
Co host Ian Miller’s – Young Ones

3 Replies to “Episode Twenty”

  1. Enjoyed all the podcast series George & Deeksie. Thanks for keeping us entertained in so many aspects of knowledge and insights into our SYC members.

  2. well george and ian , this has been a terrific pod cast ,
    I thought I knew a fair few of our members but I never realized how little I knew about our revered medicos ( well apart from the sleepy Dr Dawson )
    a big thank you to all in these most trying of time

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