Episode 25

SYC Heritage is the theme this week of the Sandringham members podcast. To kick off, George and Deeksie catch up with Shane and Maryvonne Le Peyre, currently in Fort Lauderdale after working and traveling now for many years. They then speak to Wayne and Jill Frankcombe about their restoration project, the river ferry Waiwer (pic).

On the theme of Heritage, we hear from Past Commodore Geoff Henderson, Graeme Watt and Graeme Disney about their roles as members of the SYC Heritage Committee.

Shane, Maryvonne & Miss Rigby
The proposed cabinet site

3 Replies to “Episode 25”

  1. Thanks George and Deeksy, love your work, and fabulous to hear from Shane, MV! And also our mates from SYC! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

  2. THANKS George & Deeksie for another fabulous Podcast, No. 25, 6 months!
    Particularly fascinated with Shane & MVs interviews, taking me back to 7 years ago
    when I met up with them in Nassau, Bahamas. Travelling with them as their guest on GEM for the next 2 weeks was fabulous, from the famous beach of the swimming Pigs, The James Bond grotto and swimming with the sharks. Shane & Maryvonne were the perfect hosts.

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