Episode 27

George and Deeksie head down to the Ken King Centre to record probably our last regular podcast for Sandringham Yacht Club members. Incoming Commodore Garry Anderson is the first guest this week, where he announces that all nominees for new positions on the General Committee were passed unopposed and then Garry goes on to outline a number of plans for the future.

Deeksie brings Nina, a familiar face at the Ken King Centre counter in to say hello and then Australian Sailing Award winner Steve Aulich drops by. Following an impromptu gathering of yachts last Wednesday out on the water, we hear from one of those skippers, Michael Butler of Luscious (pic) and then finally the guys call Blake Anderson from Doyle Sails for a chat.

Garry with George & Deeksie
Alliance and Luscious
Seventh Heaven with The Secretary

5 Replies to “Episode 27”

  1. Thanks George, Deeksie and Ian Mac for your wonderful work in keeping us all informed and entertained in these trying times. You have kept the heartbeat of SYC beating strongly throughout.

  2. Honestly just blown away about the broad range of SYC members we have. The varied occupations, sailing experiences and adventures just fantastic. This forum a great way to learn about our many members. I’ve really enjoyed it from here in the USA. Now if you can get him to chat, one of my old partners in crime Albert Doggett also is one hell of a guy with an amazing life story. Keep up the the good work. The podcasts have seriously made me miss home and my time at SYC. I hope they keep coming even after lockdown ! Cheers to all.

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