Episode Eleven

George and Deeksie begin to wind down this week, as our Club starts to get back to normal. First of all George makes a call to Japanese 2018 M2O competitor Keiichirou Morimura to see how things are at Osaka’s Hokko Yacht Club.

Then the guys are joined by two Navy men, retired Royal British Navy Captain John Hollidge and retired Australian Navy Lt Commander Robert Ware. We met John briefly a few weeks ago in episode nine and this week we find out a lot more about his career and around the world sailing adventure. Alongside this, Rob tells us what he’s been up to since retiring including his role as an international racing judge.

Naval Attache to Italy
Fastnet Race 1979
In the Gatun locks, Panama canal

4 Replies to “Episode Eleven”

  1. Congratulations George, Deeksie & Ian. Wonderful initiative & certainly has kept the curtains open during the pandemic.

  2. Hi folks. Thanks for your great work over the time. I’m sure a lot of people will miss the podcasts.
    I enjoyed them all as lunch time listening whilst being isolated and working from home. It’s a little while since I visited Sandy. I will definitely drop in soon.
    Peter Banham. Mordialloc Motor yacht Club. Farr 750 Moondancer.

  3. Thank you so much for these Podcasts congratulations to you both George and Deeksie had loved listening to them. Wonderful interesting topics. Will miss your dulcet tones.

  4. Hi guys I was wondering if someone could get a message to John for me in regards to a plaque he is carrying belong to Jimmy.

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