Episode 22

This week’s podcast started off with one title but finishes up with another – best take a listen. Guests include a surprise visit from Club Executive Chef Kol and Robert Green also pays George and Deeksie a visit (pic) to talk about his club life and boat name.

Our two other guests this week are our Sail Club Captain in waiting Rob Date, who chats about racing rules and a new life jacket directive that we all should know about. Then Recreational Boating Captain in waiting David McCutcheon, who not only chats about upcoming activity plans but is put on the spot by George with an exciting trip proposal.

A special deal from Kol
Sailing Captain in waiting Rob Date

9 Replies to “Episode 22”

  1. Hi Hugh,
    It will be interesting to see if SYC members are up for a ‘Flight from Captivity’. It would’ve good to charter a flight to see Bass Strait & Islands with a lap of Tasmania! It could be led by our new Commodore ‘Moses’!

  2. How about an aerial look at the racecourse we love so much with a circumnav of Tassie. The nut, Hells Gates, Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey on the west coast. Port Davey, Tasman Island, Wineglass, Freycinet, Banks Strait, etc. on the East. It could include the beautiful Bass Strait islands and the Prom. Save me a spot!

  3. A relayed message from Ian Howarth.
    I love the idea of flying a load of SYC members around in a big circle. It will surely remind some of Wednesday Wonders. Seriously – what a cool idea. Hopefully the members will get behind the plan.

  4. What a classic , george does his best thinking when cleaning crap from his boat.

    HOWEVER he has a ripper idea about a charter flight over tasmania

    well done george and deeksie

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