Episode 23

SYC Vice Commodore in waiting Sue Bowes joins George and Deeskie this week for our regular catch up. Sue announces some dates set at last week’s General Committee meeting regarding the AGM and Opening Day and then fills the guys in on some of the club winners of the recent Australian Sailing Victorian Awards.

One of those winners is Steve Aulich and we chat with Steve on the phone about his win and about his boats, including his tug boat George (pic). Other guests this week are Lowa Paszko and Brian Barnes, two long time members of the club who make great contributions to it.

Rhiannon – waiting for a mast

6 Replies to “Episode 23”

  1. Thanks Ian,George , and John for all the podcasts to date I have enjoyed them all, and if you are running out of people to interview, perhaps try Wayne and Gill Francombe, owners of K Yacht Ic ,a fryers 38 living on a restore ferry in Northern NSW long term members of SYC and some ex members Shane and Maryvonne Lapere who have been living on their beneteau50 called Gem in the Carribean for about the last 10 years ( they used to race a Farr1020 called vapour trail … Keep up the good work thanks again

    1. Ian , Thanks for your Suggestions & will follow up in future podcasts.
      Thanks to all the SYC members who have also contacted me with suggestions.

  2. Another fun update and great to hear Sue ‘co-hosting’ this episode.
    Big thanks to George, Deeksie and the very hard working Ian who pulls all of these podcasts together behind the scenes.

  3. Big thanks to Ian, George, John and Sue this week, what you guys are doing is fantastic bringing members together. Enjoyed the chat this week.

  4. Thanks a lot to you fabulously hard working members, in putting together another entertaining Podcast. Can you believe #23?
    Almost 6 months of it. Well done and a big thank you!

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