Episode Eight

This week’s episode is a biggie where George has lined up a number of our members to chat on the topic of Education. To kick off we catch up with Club CEO Richard Hewett on the latest news following the lifting of restrictions and we meet a retired British Navy captain John Hollidge (pic) who’s half way through his sail around the world.

Then it’s onto our main topic, where we chat with club members Martin Bean from RMIT, researcher Maria Vasardani and Tony White tells us a fishing tale with an educational ending. We then learn from David McCutcheon about storing aircraft, James Sly about the latest on training at the club, Eddie & Robyn Ragauskus tell us about their learning-business & boats and we wrap up by talking to Graham Furness about SYC’s Windward Buoy. A big show full of info we know you’ll enjoy.

Lined up in storage
A shot Deeksie took close to Port Arlington

4 Replies to “Episode Eight”

  1. Listening and laughing to the wonderful banter between Deeksie and George, and very much enjoying the range of guests, some of whom we know from our years at SYC. Great to catch up with what’s happening from our yacht in lockdown in Penang, Malaysia.
    Well done George, Deeksie and Ian for the innovative approach to keeping club members together and informed during the Covid19 lockdowns, and for providing us with a few laughs along the way. We tune in each week and love it!

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