Episode Seven

A show full of news about our members and their hobbies this week. First up George & John chat to Margaret Whitbread and Ron Blint. Eight bells are sounded as they take time to commemorate the passing of Past Commodore Graeme Ainley. Then they call Bruce Humphries, Tony Manning, JP Marquet and Dawn Cleaver to check out their hobbies and interests. There’s also details about SYC Club member Christian De Beakelaar who’s ocean voyage has turned into an amazing adventure.

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Ron Blint – part time Blacksmith

9 Replies to “Episode Seven”

  1. What a great entertainment on an isolation Mothers Day morning. Deeksie makes George look very good!!!

  2. Another entertaining and very informative Podcast, Gentlemen.
    Your contributions and efforts to keep the iso SYC community “sane” are a credit to you.

  3. I’m enjoying the podcasts. Thank you.
    Question for next edition…..
    Why do we have DS prefix for SYC registration number for powerboats?
    Eg, DS501
    I understand the prefix Sm for yachts but perhaps both could be interesting to chat about?

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