Episode 33

For our 33rd podcast, George and Deeksie focus on the subject of VHF radio. Our guests are Vice Commodore Sue Bowes, who tells us about radio channels used for Club racing and recreation, then electronics guru Colin Miller fills us in on the topic of the AIS boat identification systems. Melbourne’s Harbour Master Kell Dillon tells us all about the VTS Port Controllers and Bali Dancer skipper Chris Waters recalls a story about hitting that red distress button!

Colin Miller and the AIS receiver
Harbour Master – Captain Kell Dillon & VTS control centre
( photo courtesy of Ports Vic )

4 Replies to “Episode 33”

  1. Thanks again for a great podcast.
    Terrible though that certain safety items are not mandatory and the knowledge needed to use them.

  2. Thanks for this. I’m wondering why a few years back we used 72 or 73 for races. 77 seems pretty crowded by Brighton traffic these days. Could the old channels be better for us?

  3. Very interesting subject, boating is so much about the 3 “C”s
    Communication, Communication, Communication. Thanks boys. Rob

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